(It's named after two boats. The Satisfied and the Jalapeno!)

Hi! Hello! I am Talathia, also known as Grunge. Either name works. This is my website. I have had it for a very long time.
Some of you might remember from it's earlier years, and then it's 'dead years' and then how it is now! Now it's..
just a catch all of all my work. So I'm not submitting to the hellscape that is keeping an active “scene” online with
my work. On my twitter or tumblr it's just me screaming into to void. To actually keep an update on my art- here is
the best place for it!! And some writings, and well everything else!

Obligatory disclaimer: None of the opinions presented on this website should be even remotely construed as representative of my employer; My words are my own; I do not claim to speak for anyone not myself. Any persons mentioned resembling real persons living or dead should be considered at best fictional and at worst chimerical constructions based upon several different people.